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Serving  South  Florida For  Over  Forty  Years

WHAT in the WORLD is a    " MINI ▬ SPLIT " ?

Mini - Splits are the revolutionary 21st Century answer to restrictive
exterior footprint and limited interior wallspace requirements along
 with the need for  high performance, ductless climate control.  

Mini - Splits are commonly used for   " zoned "  temperature control
 or smaller areas where there are beamed, cathedral or concrete style
ceilings which offer no attic or crawl space for A/C ductwork installations.
 Being  aesthetically  pleasant, they are a very popular replacement for large,
 noisy, obtrusive and old fashioned   " window shaker " 
units and the so
called  portable  air conditioners.  They are handsome and very powerful.
  Remote control options allow you a full range of settings for the most
demanding needs in light to medium duty or zoned temperature
control .