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  FERGUSON Air Conditioning & Refrigeration  and / or FERGAIR . COM are
subsidiaries of FERGUSON Marine Services  Air Conditioning And Refrigeration LLC.


          Consumer WARNING  :

     HVAC Product installations MUST MEET OR EXCEED local and State construction and utility codes.  VIOLATION of these codes can result in FINES, PENALTIES AND / OR REMOVAL ORDERS.


    For THESE REASONS, PRICES MAY INCLUDE INSTALLATION by Ferguson Air Conditioning & Refrigeration .

    Should you ( the end consumer ) opt out of installation by FERGUSON Air Conditioning & Refrigeration  for ANY reason other than to EXPORT the unit or parts, FERGUSON Air Conditioning & Refrigeration  reserves the right to request a certified copy of your installation agreement OR to refuse to make the sale of said equipment or parts.

               CONVERSELY :

EXPORT goods NEED NOT MEET THESE REQUIREMENTS, HOWEVER, FERGUSON Air Conditioning & Refrigeration  REQUIRES a DOCK RECEIPT for delivery of HVAC equipment to shipping Ports or Freight Forwarders.

           ADDITIONALLY :

    Your new replacement HVAC unit will likely NOT match the tonnage or specifications of your current model EVEN if they are the same brand. Do NOT attempt to second guess the experts when ordering !  Mis – ordering your new air conditioner can result in DELAYS, ADDITIONAL FEES, MALFUNCTION OF EQUIPMENT, LOSS OF EFFICIENCY and / or FORFEITURE OF WARRANTIES ! 

When in doubt, CALL US OUT   ▬     Our Estimates Are FREE !  ( And do NOT Affect Sale Prices ) .

    EXPERT  coverage area measurements, calculations and final adjustment are REQUIRED BY THE  MANUFACTURER to activate  WARRANTIES and  to  fine tune your new system to properly control the climate of your individual home, office or building. FERGUSON Air Conditioning & Refrigeration  INCLUDES THESE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AS PART OF EVERY installation .

     Warranties will be considered in force ONLY on systems  installed by a licensed HVAC contractor or a licensed technician. Proof of qualified installation MAY BE REQUIRED FOR WARRANTY CLAIMS OR PERMIT INSPECTIONS.

     FERGUSON Air Conditioning & Refrigeration cannot be held responsible for losses or expenditures resulting from consumer errors involving, but NOT limited to measurements or estimates regarding or relating to unit capacity or tonnage if relied upon for the purchase or installation of goods or materials.

    FERGUSON Air Conditioning & Refrigeration  makes NO WARRANTIES or product guarantees.

    FERGUSON Air Conditioning & Refrigeration  guarantees HVAC installation and service ONLY to the point of professional standards and the extent of manufacturer’s warranties.

    FERGUSON Air Conditioning & Refrigeration  is NOT responsible for repairs needed as a result of accident, abuse, machine or part(s) failure, vegetation or animal encroachment, normal wear & tear or acts of God.

    FERGUSON Air Conditioning & Refrigeration  is NOT responsible for shipping or availability of HVAC units or replacement parts nor do we enjoy ANY influence whatsoever upon the various manufacturers for availability or  supply decisions on their part.

    FERGUSON Air Conditioning & Refrigeration  does NOT guarantee the ability of an HVAC system to retain refrigerant and unless covered by manufacturer’s warranty for repairs or installation .  Refrigerant and / or ANY OTHER special lubricant, sealer or cleaner  will be charged to the end consumer PER USE when not part of a warranty service or repair or an otherwise established routine. 

    Labor is charged to the end consumer on a PER VISIT basis or to the manufacturer in case of warranty claims and is NOT REFUNDABLE OR GUARANTEED unless otherwise specified in writing.  

           EPA Information :

    End Consumer hereby acknowledges that federal law prohibits opening the refrigeration lines of any HVAC or other cooling equipment . A trained, licensed technician is required to handle modern  refrigerants.

End Consumer hereby acknowledges full responsibility for the installation and/or maintenance of the unit/system in accordance with ALL applicable laws and code requirements. NO EXCEPTIONS, Exchanges ONLY, NO refunds.

            YOUR PRIVACY :

    FERGUSON Air Conditioning & Refrigeration   values  your PRIVACY with the same critical level of importance as we value your PATRONAGE.  BOTH are the life blood of our business and will be jealously guarded.  We will NEVER knowingly release identifiable personal information unless it is REQUIRED to respect a JUDICIAL ORDER.

    Partners, affiliates, and / or associates of
 FERGUSON Air Conditioning & Refrigeration  and / or FERGAIR . COM, including but NOT limited to Credit Card Companie(s), PayPal or any involved banking institution(s) or other third party entities have their OWN rules and statements regarding their  regulation of  your private  information. We encourage you to examine them at your leisure.


           Terms OF USE :

    YOUR use of this website and  the information contained herein as well as any participation in purchasing from or through  FERGUSON Air Conditioning & Refrigeration  and / or FERGAIR . COM signifies your acknowledgement of and agreement to ALL of the terms, conditions and policies outlined, expressed or implied on this page.
    YOU FURTHER AGREE to hold harmless  
FERGUSON Air Conditioning & Refrigeration  and / or FERGAIR . COM, or our parent company  for ANY abuse, or misuse of this website through an act of fraudulent purchase or other malicious or  illegal activities on the part of visitors, users and purchasers.

  FERGUSON Air Conditioning & Refrigeration  and / or FERGAIR . COM  reserve the right to REFUSE SERVICE OR SALES to ANYONE at ANY TIME for ANY REASON.

FERGUSON Air Conditioning & Refrigeration  and / or FERGAIR . COM is an AMERICAN company and as such, ALL business is conducted using United States Dollars.  We adhere strictly to ALL AMERICAN trade and business laws and regulations whether doing  business domestically or internationally.  Your cooperation is appreciated.